Monthly Archives: June 2013

Hundreds and thousands

First time ever. A piece all for myself…


Haven’t made this in a long long long time… I like to spread tomato sauce on bread, then tuna n pepper, n then cheese….. Just like a pizza!

Washing machine

A guy walks by his newly purchased washing machine. He pauses, admires, and ponders…. He exclaims… “I love my washing machine…” *29-jun-2013* Guy walks past washing machine… Stops… Pets n rubs machine… N exclaims… “…babe”

Ninja turtle…

Playing pictionary… N attempting to draw ninja turtle.. Friend: ninja turtle… The green one. me: aren’t they all green?

Candy Crush Level 275 tips

I was stuck in level 275 for a few days and always got caught out by the bombs at the top two corners. My basic strategy is to clear the side jellies, moving onto middle and the top; but not the cells that are right next to the bombs. In this way, I’ll try to… Read more »


Was at the chatswood westfield foodcourt for din tonite. And below us, there was Lipton Ice tea for free. They poured cups of the drink for ppl to taste. 5 marketing ppl against a very sparse traffic flow. They look bored. Anyways, why do i find watching the ppl working and the ppl going to… Read more »


i like fogs. there is something magical about it. cleansing. fresh. clean. mysterious. it makes things new. it makes things unknown. it tempts the curious mind.

Vivid Sydney 2013

It’s the time of the year again and from my opinion, there are much more interactive arts this year and that it is nicer than last year. The weather may have helped and that there are less ppl when I went. Music seem to be played everywhere and syncs with the major light shows. I… Read more »