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NRL – Fiji vs Samoa

At ony $10 per ticket (03-May-2014), I decided to join others and watch the Fiji vs Samoa game in Penrith. Penrith sure is far, and I didn’t really expect it to be that far away. Having said that, the stadium and atmosphere during the game is so much better than watching a game at ANZ… Read more »

Tallman 2014 Sydney Trip

Tallman (a.k.a law) called ahead and said he’s coming to sydney for a holiday. a visit with his wife. It has been a while since i’ve last seen him. about 6-7yrs. And come to think of it, i’ve known him for a long time now. since form 3, when I temporarily sat next to him…. Read more »

Cheap skate coke

Bought one large pizza at Costco. Hmk repeatedly asked if I wanted to get a drink. I repeatedly said no. He got one. The drinks can be refilled. Andy joined us. We ended up drinking off one cup with many refills. Best $1.29 spent

Meeting new Friends on Chat messengers

I was in this chat group with some people that I knew. And then someone decided to invite more people into the chat group. That is OK. But, be careful on what you’ve been chatting about because it can be weird. C: can I add my friends to this group? V: sure ..blah blah blah….. Read more »


I went to Coles to buy onions. I went to Coles to also buy paper towels. I bought paper towels. I bought canned tuna. I bought fruits. I bought lunch


My first teddy that I can remember. It has lost it’s nose… Bought it maybe when I was around 4yrs old?

Class one school report


Kumpoo power control a261L

Bought a new racquet. It sure is very light but having tried it, it suits me very well. Strung with bg 98 string at 25 lb’s.