Campervan camping at Friendly beaches


First time to try out a campervan. It is quite fun. But, stupidly, didn’t know how to open the back windows etc.
Next time, I gotta bring some mossie nets to put on window if open.

Camped out at Friendly Beaches, near Coles Bay. It’s free and it was quite dark at night. Good for star photography. And there were also wildlife about. Black-haired wombats, instead of the normal brown.

Stars at CampsiteFriendly BeachDaytime campsite

Discussion with a Radio

Someone once commented that I’m a radio (‘receive sound machine’). A radio, in a sense that I hear stories/gossip but do not ‘broadcast’..hence ‘receive’ sound machine.

A new term popped up whilst I was in discussion about different personalities and talking behaviour of people. Some people will talk on and on, and not get to the point; or fill in a lot of unnecessary details that is irritating and not constructive at all.
My friend commented “..discussing with a radio..”

I laughed out.
I can sooo imagine someone pouring their heart out to a radio (while it is turned on and tuned to some station).

It’s just funny. Hope I made sense!

Asanas – pineapple yoghurt popsicle


Trying out a restaurant/bar Popsicle. Quite nice n refreshing. The yellow powdery stuff are popping candy, n the reddish stuff is raspberry something.


Haven’t had skittles for many years now…


Whale Watching Failed

And so, YY had one spare and free ticket to go whale watching early in the morning. The boat leaves at 9am, and I wasn’t exactly planning to join. However, I woke up early on Sunday, and then thought I might as well go.
Sigh! We didn’t see any whales but saw a few dolphins early on. I saw many ppl puking though.

Boat ControlsBumpy RideIce Coffee

When we were back in the city, catching the free shuttle bus, I was texting. YY was looking and gave the evil eye. A lady (tourist) saw that, and said I was texting my gf. And then also commented “Don’t get married. Marriage is like poison ivy.”
hahaha..that was hilarious

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Girls Night Out

Group PicGroup PicGroup Pic

Was meeting Jane for a late dinner and probably bowling. Asked others afterwards, and 3 more joined. Lovely, a girls night out.
It was totally enjoyable with lots of laughter and joy. Let’s do it again!

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Istana Restaurant

Impromptu sort of dinner at Thornleigh, and a surprise addition of Mr P_P

Pretty nice and inexpensive malaysian restaurant, although it may be slightly out of the way. And on the way back, Mr P_P directed me onto the highway to Gosford!! Instead of Chatswood.

Chilli CrabGroup PicHainan Chicken

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Gelateria Gondola

Dessert before dinner. It’s quite nice. Three flavors in this cup. Yoghurt, lychee and coconut.

Ain’t it pretty?