Signs on the Highway

The road signs between VIC and NSW have quite a different tone and impact. Which one is better or which one is more effective? During the road trip, I tried to remember/record what I saw and listed them below.


  • Double demerit points apply
  • Local police patrol targeting drink driving
  • In fog slow down
  • Stop Revive Survive
  • Road works speed limits enforced
  • Fatigue can be fatal
  • Accidents can happen to you Slow down
  • Speed cameras in use 24 hours
  • Driver fatigue. Wake up to the signs
  • Police radar use in this area
  • Check your speed Don’t rush
  • Police aerial speed enforcement


  • Safety cameras operate in this area
  • If you can’t read this, you are going too fast
  • Slowing down won’t kill you
  • Maximum reading of 107km/hr on meter
  • Take a break every two hours
  • High risk police patrol area
  • Sore eyes? Powernap now
  • Weary? Powernap now
  • Trouble concentrating? Powernap now
  • Tired? Powernap now
  • Yawning? Powernap now
  • Droopy eyes? Powernap now
  • Stop Revive Survive
  • Slow down. Speed cameras in operation
  • A microsleep can kill
  • Break the drive Stay alive
  • A 15 minute powernap can save your life
  • Open your eyes Fatigue kills
  • Don’t sleep and drive
  • Microsleep kills in seconds
  • High risk area Police enforcing speed
  • Drive left in Australia
  • Road safety cameras operate in this area

Looks like VIC has more creative signs :). The roads were wider, the fellow drivers kept to the speed limit and drove on the left (when not overtaking). When back onto NSW roads, most ppl drove on the right :D.

And the best of all…from the subtle signs of VIC and upon entering NSW near Albury, we saw

“Welcome to NSW”…(and then 20m behind this…)

“Double Demerit Points Apply”…(right! welcome back indeed..and happy easter!)

Building A Desktop

It used to be an easy affair to build a computer. It still is. It’s even easier now. but for a dinosaur like me, it is taking quite a bit of time.

INPUT & Materials: 1 Software Developer with years of experience; 1 IT support guy with years of experience. 1x boxed CPU; 1x case; 1x PSU; 1x SSD; 2x RAM; 1x TV with HDMI; 1x

OUTPUT required: A working desktop computer.

Not complicated right? So, we opened up the boxes and the case and everything else, marvelling at the screws that come with the case, the layout of it, the colour of the RAM, the big fans and all the little fiddly things that comes with the equipment. Awesome. Time to get to work. It should take long for us.

We’ve done it before (10yrs ago?).

– take out psu and fix to case………..done!
– take out CPU and fit to motherboard…ehhhh..hmmm..which way does it go?…how to u take out that lock? …..after a while, we found out how and slotted the CPU into it’s space. Now for the heatsink…. how the heck do u attach it?… we used to just force/push it in and clip/screw it in place. now, it’s got this fancy connection..we are impressed! and we are feeling old…
– next up…the ram and this was a piece of cake.
– now, to fit the SSD in the case and motherboard. arrgh….we were so slow in this part; and all the different screws and what not. we used to only have cheap plastic plug like things!
– now, to connect all the power and cables?!..ehh…what is this connector for?…crap…anyways, in short, we took a while to connect everything
– done…let’s test it
– connect hdmi to desktop to tv; turn on power…NOTHING……crap! does HDMI not work right off and we need to use VGA?…arrgh…gotta postpone.

Anyways, if you’re still reading, i finally got my new toy working; and the moral of the story…it takes 2-3hrs for 2 experienced ppl to build the desktop. baka!

Board Games

New toys!DSC03701
Finally managed to go to castle hill and get some new board games. much cheaper there than buying from chatswood/cbd.

settlers of catan…it’s taking us like 2+hrs to finish a game. is it because we’re interpreting the rules incorrectly, or we just suck at it? nevertheless, it’s quite fun.
next up is to make or buy better hex tiles!


Newly opened cafe at Crows nest. Went there tonight for dessert. I smiled at the waitress, n she brought us water (usually self service). Anna smiled at the waiter n we got a slice off baked cheesecake to try.
Be nice to the service ppl!

image image


Interesting. A late Christmas n new years card. But good good….



When its cold, when its fluffy, don’t u just wanna sleep? Sleeping is my hobby…

image image

Have I told u I like big fluffy clouds? Jigglypuff rules!

Once in a lifetime meal

Wanna try this in a gourmet meal? Once in a lifetime only..


Playing a CD on imac

i threw away some cd-r that had music in them
i threw them away because they didn’t work when i inserted into the imac drive
i threw them away because they were scratched
i threw them away because i thought they no longer worked

i did not throw away the original cd
i did not throw away the original cd when it didn’t work when i inserted into the imac drive
i only turned it upside down and re-inserted it
…i only didn’t turn the cd-r upside down and try….